Nomad Shubham Biography, Age, GF, Income
Nomad Shubham Biography, Age, GF, Income
Nomad Shubham is an Indian Youtuber from the state of Bihar. He was an extreme traveler and the age of Shubham will surprise you. he was just 16 years old when he was started his traveling journey.


Nomad Shubham is an Indian Youtuber from the state of Bihar. He was an extreme traveler and the age of Shubham will surprise you. he was just 16 years old when he was started his traveling journey. let’s know more about him…

Early Life

Shubham was born on the 2nd of December in the year 2002 in a village in Bihar, India. he started his schooling from a government municipal school in Bihar. His father’s name was unknown and he was a teacher in Biar. Shubham’s mother is a housewife like most of the Indian wives.

Shubham was complete his schooling from government municipal school from Bihar. then he was decided to complete his degree in Bachelor of Engineering. then was started applying for colleges in many different cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. Check Sam Chui Biography.


When Shubham was just 13 years old, he was very deeply interested in visiting the world and in different countries. But he doesn’t have that much amount of money. then he was thinking that he should become a pilot or an engineer to travel most of the time.

But he realized that he did not need any degree to travel after watching the videos of Varun Vagish aka mountain tracker. In the year 2018, he has left his studies and start traveling to Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand.

After completing his southeast Asia trip, he was decided to start a long term travel journey which was India to South Africa by land. Then he was started his traveling journey from Myanmar than China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, etc. Currently, he paused his travel journey due to COVID-19.
Currently, Shubham was decided to make his career as a traveler who visits most of the countries by land and it was the only dream of Shubham. Now he was a fulltime YouTuber and a Traveler.


Shubham’s Age was just 18 years (as in 2020) and he was not married yet. He dates to a girl in his village in Bihar. But he did not reveal her name officially. Shubham’s father was a teacher in a government school in Bihar and his mother was a housewife. Shubham Height was 5 feet 7 inches long and his weight is about 56 Kg. Shubham’s hair color was black and his Eye color was also black like most of the Indians.

Shubham was now a teenager and he was not interested in bodybuilding due to his continuously traveling life. His body measurements are 30-11-30. His chest size was 30 inches and his waist size 30 inches while he has 11 inches of biceps.

Shubham was an Indian by nationality and most of the Indians are Hindu by their religion. Shubham was also a Hindu person and his father was also a Hindu. Shubham’s zodiac sign was Virgo and he lives in Bihar with his family.


Shubham did not have many favorite things but like other people, Shubham also had a few favorite things which he loves to do. His favorite color was black and grey. Russia, Iran, and Egipt was the favorite destination of Shubham which he was going to visit very soon. He loves to travel by land and making videos for his audience on YouTube.

YouTube Journey

After traveling 4 countries, Shubham thinks that he should make videos for those people who wanted to travel around the world at the cheapest price. Because Shubham has the idea that how to travel by land to other countries at a very low price.

Finally, Shubham creates a YouTube channel on the 5th of July in the year 2019. he uploads more than 100+ videos on his YouTube channel and has more than 100k+ subscribers on his channel. currently, he was traveling full time and making videos. He was a full-time YouTuber now also.


Social media is a platform where everyone found easily and Shubham was also found easily on social media platforms. Shubham was very active on his social media accounts like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. Do-follow him on his social media accounts for more live updates from Nomad Shubham.

Net Worth

Shubham was not making that much amount of money. When Shubham was started traveling, he fills his funds from online coaching on skype and travel. But time was now changed for him. Now he makes videos on YouTube and makes money through his channel by Google Adsense program. he makes 25k – 37k+ INR/month from YouTube. Now guess the amount of Net Worth of Shubham.

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