Khalid Al Ameri Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth
Khalid Al Ameri Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth
Who IS Kahlid Al Ameri? Well in this post we will talk about the internet sensation and speaker Khalid Al Ameri was all the way from the United Arab Emirates

Who IS Kahlid Al Ameri? Well in this post we will talk about the internet sensation and speaker Khalid Al Ameri was all the way from the United Arab Emirates. He was also has been working with the CNN group in Dubai. Let’s know more about Khalid Al Ameri Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth…

Early Life

Khalid Al Ameri was born on the 4th of July in the year 1988 in the United Arab Emirates. His father was an Arab and his mother was Scottish. His parents are met in Scotland when his father was studying there. They did love marriage and moved back to the UAE.

Khalid Al Ameri was doing his schooling at a private school in Dubai and completed his schooling from there. After completing his schooling, he had to choose one stream for higher studies. he chooses to engineer among them and graduated from UAE in Engineering. 


Khalid Al Ameri is an Emirati by nationality. When he completed his engineering from UAE, he got a job on the ship. This ship was an agas ship that brings gas to Japan from the United Arab Emirates. Khalid was doing this job for long 2 years and left the job after 2 years.


After quitting his job, he met Salama Mohammed (Khalid’s Wife) and he married her and moved to the USA for his studies in MBA. He did his MBA in videography and some related courses to Media. He completes his MBA from the united states and came back to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

After coming back to UAE, Khalid Al Ameri was got a job in the CNN network which he wants. He did the job of a news anchor in the CNN network for 2 months only. Because the CNN network was closed the show. After losing his job, he was decided to find another job in News channels in UAE. But he was succeeded.

At this time, he doesn’t have money to maintain his family, pay for his children’s school fees, etc. Then his wife Salama Mohammed bought him a new camera and told him if you want to make videos, then he can do it himself because I believe in him.

Then he was decided to create his own way to succeed in videography. He creates a Facebook page and starts uploading videos that the mainstream media doesn’t publish. Mainly the mainstream media was telling the people that the Arabs are not good and the Muslims are terrorists which is completely wrong as we all know.

After publishing some videos on the Facebook page, he was decided to move to YouTube and finally he create a YouTube channel on the 11th of October in the year 2011 and start uploading regular videos on it. He makes videos every day. Currently, he has more than 560k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel and he did it for the career option now.

Khalid’s Love Story

Khalid Al Ameri did love marriage to his wife name Salama Mohammed. They both are meet at a family gathering. Khalid was known as Salama’s brother-in-law (who married Slama’s Sister). Then Salama’s brother-in-law introduces them to each other and Khalid was asked Salama for her number. Salama didn’t give the number and then Khalid was writing his number on a paper and giving it to Salama. Then they texted each other and met for 4 months before marriage. Then they both married and they have two children now.


Khalid Al Ameri was an Emirati person. His father was Emirati and his mother was from Scotland. His parents did love marriage while his father was studying in Scotland. Khalid Al Ameri’s Age was about 32 years (as of 2020). Khalid was now married. His Wife’s Name was Slama Mohammed. Khalid’s height was 6 feet long and his weight is about 80 Kg. Khalid’s hair Color was Dark Brown and his Eye Color was Black.

Besides this, Khalid has a very nice shape of body. Before marriage, he was going to the gym every single day. His Body Measurements are 40-32-38. His Chest Size was about 40 inches wide and his Waist Size was 32 inches. he has 15 inches of biceps which is perfect on his body. Khalid has one son Abdullah Al Ameri and one daughter’s name.


Khalid was a very frank guy and love his wife and children so much. Khalid’s favorite destination was Pakistan, Oman, and the USA. He loves to drink soup and eating Beef was the favorite part of his nightlife. Emirates Airline was the favorite airline of Khalid Al Ameri.


Khalid Al Ameri was known for his social media platforms and he was very active on his social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where he put his content regularly. On Instagram, he has more than 1 million+ followers and on his Facebook Page, he has more than 4 million+ followers so far. Do follow him for more live updates from Khalid Al Ameri.

Net Worth

Khalid Al Ameri is now earning a very good amount of money. he is now doing Facebook videos, YouTube, Instagram full time. besides this, he was doing big events in Dubai and all around the United Arab Emirates. He now earns about $6000 – $9000/month from YouTube and brand promotions on his videos. Besides this, he was also charged for the events that he does in UAE and in Dubai. Now you can guess the Net Worth of Khalid Al Ameri. We hope you like Khalid Al Ameri Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth.

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