Alex Chacon Biography, Wiki, Age, GF, Income
Alex Chacon Biography, Wiki, Age, GF, Income
Alex Chacon was known for his journey around the world on a motorcycle.

Alex Chacon was known for his journey around the world on a motorcycle. He was from America and now he completes almost all over the world on a motorbike. His main goal is to showcase to the people who think that traveling is dangerous and expensive and also it takes time to travel. Let’s know more about Alex Chacon Biography, Wiki, Age, GF, Income…


Early Life

Alex Chacon was born on the 2nd of June in the year 1987 in Texas. He completed his schooling at a private school in Texas. After completing his schooling at a private school, his parents want him to be a doctor in his life. That’s why he joins the University of Texas and start studying Nutrition and chemistry. He chooses Biomedical sciences as his honors. He graduated from the University of Texas in the year 2012. 

After completing his graduation from the University of Texas, he was decided to take a break from his studies and start exploring the world in an adventurous way. Which is only possible by a motorbike. He sold all the stuff that he has ( like his car, Tv, and clothes also) during his studies and decided to travel. At that time he only has a bike for the next 3 years.


Alex Chacon was now mentally and physically prepared for his travel. He sold all the kinds of stuff to arrange the funds for his traveling. He wants to document all the journeys that he has done during his journey. That’s why he buys a Gopro for filming his journey. 

He says that he also spends very tuff time on his journey. He spends 4 days without food with a broken motorcycle. He also robbed and being arrested by the cops. He faces a very tough time. 

Alex Chacon has a huge fan following on his social media accounts. He creates his YouTube channel on the 9th of September in the year 2010 while he was at his university. He uploads almost 360+ videos on his YouTube channel. Currently, he has more than 330k+ subscribers on his channel and has more than 42,498,601+ views until today.

Alex Chacon was seen on many popular and famous websites like USA Today, CBS This Morning, Fox News, MSNBC, Telemundo, CNN, Discovery, BuzzFeed, Good Morning America, The Huffington Post, Travel Channel Android, Right This Minutes, Headline News, LG, Yahoo, Lonely Planet, Carnival, GoPro, Sena, Peta Pixel, Progressive, Kawasaki, etc.

Alex Chacon was now chosen his career as a YouTuber. He was doing it on his way and full-time. Besides this, he was also a blogger. He blogs about traveling on his blog


Alex Chacon was born on 2nd February in the year 1987 in Texas. Alex’s age was about 35 years as of now in 2020. His Height was about 5 Feet and 6 Inches long and his Weight is about 69 Kg. Alex Chacon has a very beautiful blue color of Eye and his Hair Color was Dark Brown.

Alex was a Christian by religion and he was lived in Texas with his family. As of now, he was not married and he was not dating anyone officially. Alex has a very nice shape body. His Body Measurements are 36-32-16. His Chest Size was 36 Inches and his Waist size was 32 inches. He has 16 inches of biceps.


Alex Chacon was known for his social media activities. He was seen on almost all social media platforms and he was very active on his social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Do follow him on his social media accounts for more live updates from Alex.


Alex Chacon was now earning a very good amount of money from all of his works. Most of the work was online. He has more than 330k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel. He earns about $700 – $1400/month from his google Adsense through his YouTube channel. Besides this, he also earned from affiliate marketing through his videos. He earns about $1500 – $3000/month. Now you can guest the actual amount of money.

Quick Bio

Alex Chacon Biography, Wiki, Age, GF, Income  
Name Alex Chacon
Profession Biker & Traveler
Age 35 Years
Height 5.6 Inches
Weight 69 Kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Religion Christian
Body Measurements 36-32-16
Chest Size 36 Inches
Waist Size 32 Inches
Biceps Size 16 Inches
Instagram Alex Chacon Official

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